Credit: EaStarWars via YouTube

Did Han shoot first? Well, Star Wars Battlefront is about to let players answer that question — over and over again.

EA has unveiled a new trailer showcasing the upcoming “Outer Rim” downloadable content, coming to Battlefront on March 22. The DLC pack introduces Nien Nunb and Greedo, who earns the spotlight at the trailer’s end as he and Han Solo face off and draw their weapons, as new playable heroes to the game. The pack will also include four new maps featuring the factories of Sullust and Jabba the Hutt’s palace, a new mode called Extraction, as well as new weapons and star cards.

The DLC will be available to those who have purchased the game’s season pass on March 22 and available as a standalone purchase to other players in the coming weeks.

Additionally all players will receive new missions to play via the new Hutt Contracts mode, a spectator mode to let players watch battles, a level cap increase, and more.

More free and paid DLC is set to release in the coming months, including three other major paid DLC packs, as well as other updates. Check out a trailer for “Outer Rim” above.

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