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So, what’s the first word that comes to Sally Field’s mind upon hearing the name of her Steel Magnolias costar Julia Roberts?

“Pig,” the Hello, My Name Is Doris star jokingly tells PEOPLE and EW Editorial Director Jess Cagle during a game of word association. “I didn’t mean that, Julia. You know I was going for the joke, here. [She’s an] absolute free spirit. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t know her and just adore her.”

Shirley MacLaine, Field’s costar in the 1989 film and an acting legend in her own right, also got in on the Steel Magnolias action, telling Cagle she felt like Roberts’ “big sister/mother” while shooting the movie.

What about their fellow costar, Dolly Parton? “I wish I could run into Dolly now and then, she’s as much a hermit as I am,” Field says. “No one really knows the total gem of a soul that Dolly Parton is. I love her.”

When the conversation turns to Daryl Hannah, both Field and MacLaine note the actress’ unique status among the Steel Magnolias ensemble. “Daryl was sort of the hippie of the group. She still is the hippie, I think,” Field says. “[She was] soft-spoken and we were all so loud and obnoxious. She couldn’t get a word in edgewise.”

“Who is that man you said you were with last weekend?” MacLaine jokes. “I found out later, but never mind.”

But asked to comment on each other, Field and MacLaine are much more succinct. “Fiercely adorable,” MacLaine says of Field, while Field called MacLaine “colorful.”

Watch more of the ladies of Steel Magnolias dishing on their castmates in the video above.

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