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In a role that Dwight Schrute would certainly not approve of, The Office’s Rainn Wilson will guest-star on the upcoming Showtime series Roadies.

Wilson will play Bryce Newman, a famous and extremely self-important music journalist. This isn’t Wilson’s first brush with the world of rock & roll, as he previously starred in the film The Rocker.

Roadies, from Oscar winner and Almost Famous helmer Cameron Crowe, follows a crew behind the scenes of a nationwide rock tour as they try to balance life and music.

“We never see the band, we never hear the band. It’s about the people … that disappear when the lights go down,” Crowe told EW in January. “Each city [of the tour] is an episode. The show is about the crew, and it’s the family and the circus that exists behind the curtain that we don’t get to see. Their whole world ends when they’re able to put the band on stage, and begins again when the band comes off stage. The hour and 15 minutes when the band is on stage — that’s the only thing that’s off-limits in the show.​”

The series stars Luke Wilson, Carla Gugino, and Imogen Poots, and will debut on Sunday, June 26.

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