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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from “Gateway,” Thursday’s season finale of Colony. Read at your own risk! Recap here.

The season finale of Colony was far from a neat and tidy ending. Character fates were left up in the air, families were torn apart, and mysteries that will no doubt become central next season were teased. (Charlie lives! Just what are those hosts? Is Katie being watched? And by whom?)

“We’re all spread to the wind, and I love this type of storytelling,” series star Josh Holloway tells EW. “Because everyone’s just gotten into the groove, they think this is the show, and nope! It takes a left turn on you. So now the next season will be all those different storylines.”

After a tense situation that involved Will going to drastic measures to save Katie from being caught by the occupation for good (thanks to the resistance acquiring a Host), the culmination of the season 1 storyline found Will (Holloway) driving off through the Santa Monica gateway in hopes of finally embarking on a mission to find and save his son Charlie. Meanwhile, his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callie) returned home alone from a resistance mission that very nearly cost her everything — and neither one of them is aware of the other’s whereabouts.

“I think he would still do the same thing,” Holloway says of Will’s decision to protect his family and put them first, even knowing now that his wife might choose otherwise. “I would still do the same thing if I was in that situation. There’s no other choice — he has to continue down the road trying to save his family and now he’s got to kind of let his wife go for a moment and let her find her path because he can’t protect them all anymore. It’s like, ‘Okay, if you’re gonna go do that, I gotta do this.’ ”

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Holloway says he’s enjoyed seeing his character evolve through the season, even if some of his choices haven’t always been the right ones. “What’s interesting is, in a way, I feel like he is just going back to his old skin and it’s a little painful for him and a little familiar. Because he worked in this side of life, he worked on this side of negativity, and in this moment he was a mechanic living a family life, under the radar. There’s kind of a cynical approach to it that he has. And the stakes are so much higher. Partially, he’s upset with his wife. They have this huge gap between them, however, like I said, he has to be okay with what she’s doing right now. He married a rebel, and he freaking knows it. So there’s a bit of respect with that, it’s not totally like, she betrayed me. He understands where she’s coming from. He knows who he marries and who he loves.”

So does that mean Holloway thinks the two will reconcile come next season? “I think so,” teases the actor who, despite his executive producer status, is just as in the dark as the rest of us when it comes to next season’s stories. “They haven’t told me anything, and I’m that kind of actor,” he says. “I find out what I need to know for the work side of it, but I don’t need them blowing the story for me. I talk with the writers in the writers’ room at the beginning of the season, I give big broad strokes of things, ask questions, put a little input in, and then I leave it alone.”

That said, Holloway does hope there’s a bit of a struggle. Because, after all, what’s good television without a little relationship angst? “I hope to see them apart for awhile. I want to see the struggle, I want to see them go down their own rabbit holes,” says Holloway. “I want to see them missing each other and realizing what they missed.”

Below, see a clip from the finale which concerns the whereabouts of Will’s son, Charlie.

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