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Truth or Dare is one of the oldest games in the book, so Jimmy Fallon gave it a new twist on Wednesday’s show. He challenged Jennifer Garner and Cuba Gooding Jr. to a game of “Truth or Door,” in which contestants had the choice between answering a question truthfully or opening a door to a random dare.

Gooding went first and chose a door. Hiding behind door number two was the challenge to dress up like a cowboy. This costume wasn’t a half-effort, either; Gooding ended up in a giant red hat, a colorful denim outfit, and even a giant piece of wheat to chew on.

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Garner went next and also chose door. Though her dare was less colorful than Gooding’s, it was still ridiculous: she was forced to hold frozen water balloons in her arms for the rest of the game.

At first, Fallon tried to be a combo-breaker by taking truth, but when the question was, “How did you lose your virginity?”, the host opted for door instead. Behind this door was a bunch of paint, which Garner and Gooding were entitled to use to paint Fallon’s face however they wanted. And so the game concluded in colorful style, with a painted Fallon, Garner clutching her water balloons, and a cowboy Gooding.

Watch the full clip below.

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