By Christian Holub
Updated March 17, 2016 at 12:06 PM EDT
Credit: CBS

To celebrate one year as host of The Late Late Show, James Corden decided to switch things up a bit. Instead of airing from his regular CBS studio, Corden found strangers willing to host the show in their house for a night. So Corden performed all the elements of his late-night show from a random living room, including playing a game with his guests. In this house (labeled #NataliesHouse, after their primary host), Corden played hide-and-seek with Demi Lovato, Colin Farrell, Wanda Sykes, and Natalie herself.

Corden found Natalie first. This was surprising both because she had a pretty great hiding spot (inside a bedroom closet) and because Sykes was sitting right in front of him when he opened his eyes. Sykes chose a hiding-in-plain-sight spot: the stool Reggie Watts had been sitting on moments earlier. When Corden found two other people before her, she said with a laugh that it was “a little bit racist.” Watts himself hid in a corner under a blanket, which worked for a little while.

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When Corden went up into the upstairs loft to find Lovato, he ended up accidentally knocking down the hosts’ whole blanket setup. Farrell’s simple but practical hiding spot (the kitchen pantry) ended up winning him the game.

Watch the full clip below.

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