They also sort 'Hamilton' characters into Hogwarts houses.

By Devan Coggan
March 17, 2016 at 06:12 PM EDT
Lin-Manuel Miranda via Facebook
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Because he’s apparently not busy enough writing the music for Disney’s upcoming movie Moana, possibly starring in a Mary Poppins sequel, and performing in his smash Broadway musical Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda likes to spend what little free time he has freestyle rapping with celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and President Barack Obama. (Obligatory “man, the man is non-stop” joke goes here.)

And now, Miranda is once again showing off his freestyle skills — with Emma Watson providing a beat.

Watson and Miranda sat down for a video interview as part of UN Women’s HeForShe Arts Week, a campaign around International Women’s Day that encourages arts and cultural organizations to get involved in the fight for gender equality. Over the course of the almost hour-long interview, Watson and Miranda discussed everything from the female storytellers who inspire them to the women of Hamilton, but Watson wrapped things up by asking Miranda to freestyle a rap about gender equality. He agreed, but only if Watson would provide accompaniment

“I’m sure they were beatboxing on set during those movies,” Miranda told her, referencing the Harry Potter films. “Every young man tries it.”

“Oh yeah, English school kids, that’s what we do all the time,” Watson replied. “We just beatbox.”

Not only did Watson eventually acquiesce (with extreme embarrassment), but the pair also attempted to answer the age-old question of which Hamilton characters belong in which Hogwarts houses. Watson, for her part, came prepared with a researched list.

“Because obviously I’m Hermione, I had to plan this out,” she said. “I have it on paper.”

While Miranda supported many of her choices, which included placing Alexander Hamilton into Gryffindor, he did reveal that when Daniel Radcliffe came to see the show, Miranda asked him the same question, and Radcliffe said Hamilton was obviously a Ravenclaw. Watson’s response: “I’m going to have to call him about this.”

Watch clips of Watson’s beatbox skills and the pair’s impromptu sorting ceremony below, and see the full four-part interview on Watson’s Facebook page.

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