By Lana, Maya & Zoe Soskin
March 17, 2016 at 03:38 PM EDT
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The episode begins with the news that Maddie is up for a People’s Choice Award. 

This causes two big dramatic moments in the show:

1. Who will Abby take as her date, with the tickets Melissa gave her?

2. Now that Maddie is becoming a big star, will she stay with the ALDC?

Let’s start with number 1. The episode starts with everyone having a (rare) calm conversation about how exciting it is that Maddie is up for a People’s Choice Award. Jill is very vocal about how she would love to go. She thinks it’s a good idea to ask Abby who she is going to give her extra ticket to and why she (Jill) would be the obvious choice. Since Abby can’t stand being told what to do, especially by the moms for whom she has no respect, she completely ignores Jill and asks — their favorite! — Brynn.

Poor Brynn, who is now clearly the little pawn in the wicked game of Dance Moms, comes out all dressed up and ready to go to the show. What happens next can only be described by using the analogy of Cinderella. Remember when Cinderella did all her chores, made her own dress, got all dressed up, ran down the stairs and said, “Wait for me! Wait for me! I’m coming to the ball, too!” Her evil step sisters went bananas and ripped her dress to shreds and said, “Silly Cinderella! Did you really think that YOU would be able to go to the ball?” Well … picture the Dance Moms version. The moms get mad once again, saying, “Brynn?? Why should Brynn be able to go?” Poor Brynn is left standing there wondering what just happened.

Next was one of those confusing Dance Moms moments, where you don’t actually know what happened. Abby takes back her invite from an all-dressed-up Brynn and starts asking all the other girls if they want to go instead … everyone says no. Then all the moms say no. Then Jill accepts. Then Jill “feels bad for taking the ticket from Brynn,” even though she was the one who screamed that Brynn shouldn’t go. In the end I couldn’t tell who went with Abby. Does anyone know?

The good news is: Maddie wins the People’s Choice Award (beating out Bella Thorne)! This leads me to dramatic moment number 2: Now that Maddie is a becoming a big star will she stay at the ALDC? Does she actually need to? It’s what everyone is thinking who is watching this show, whether it’s rumored on the gossip sites or not. Why would Maddie, who has now become a household name (thanks to Sia) want to stick with the ALDC?

Every week she is on the top of the pyramid. Every week she is the one dancer that dances so beautifully that you have to be silent when you watch her. Every week she wins first. Every week she has a new opportunity that has nothing to do with the ALDC. Besides Abby, Maddie is the most important part of this show. Finding “the new Maddie” doesn’t seem to be happening. Like we saw in the first half of the season, the show isn’t complete without Abby and won’t be complete without Maddie either. Abby is the dance teacher girls want (even though the are afraid of her) and Maddie is who they want to be. They both need each other, but Abby needs Maddie more.

This past episode, my daughter Maya said to me: “Mom, I want to be like Maddie. She inspires me.”

I’m sure she’s not the only one and that’s what makes the show.

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