Credit: Saturday Night Live via YouTube

Ariana Grande pulled out a number of impressive impersonations on last week’s Saturday Night Live, including a surprisingly great Jennifer Lawrence and a medley of other singers. One impersonation didn’t make it to air, but SNL fans can now see Grande as actress Judy Garland in a newly posted cut-for-time sketch.

This installment of “Cinema Channel” features Garland in 1961 taking on the lead role in a sci-fi B movie (which she also self-funded and had total creative control over), Up We Go in Our Fantastic Rocket. Featuring Garland as the dancing, boozy captain of the titular fantastic rocket, the film clip highlights Grande and her doting crew breaking into dance numbers whenever Garland wishes. Even if it’s in the midst of an alien ship threatening their lives.

The sketh also name-drops famed B movie producer Roger Corman and features Taran Killam as approachable and smart (but not too interesting) host Daniel O’Dance. And Jon Rudnitsky dips in to steal a moment or two as the most enthusiastic background dancer.

Watch the sketch above, and for more from Grande’s episode, read EW’s full recap.

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