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It’s never fun to ask a girl to a dance and hear that she’s already got plans with another guy — especially when that guy is Luke Skywalker.

Davidson College student Kevin Carlock shared a lengthy rap video last month, inviting Daisy Ridley of Star Wars: The Force Awakens fame to his spring formal. Sample lyrics include: “So long story short, I think you’d love it here. Kylo Ren’s not invited, you’ve got nothing to fear. Daisy, you’re cooler than Leia and Padme before her. I’d give you more than quarter portions for your parts from star destroyers.”

Ridley caught wind of the video, and she shared a note on Instagram thanking Carlock for the invitation but regretfully turning him down: She’s busy filming Star Wars: Episode VIII, out Dec. 15, 2017.

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“Thank you so much for that brilliant invite to your formal,” Ridley wrote. “Unfortunately I’m locked in an intense staring competition with Luke Skywalker, somewhere in the middle of the galaxy, so won’t be able to make it! Let me know how it goes!”

Carlock took Ridley’s rejection in stride, responding with a note of his own and offering his own thoughts on Rey’s still-undisclosed parentage.

“Thanks so much for your response!” Carlock wrote. “Father-daughter staring contests are epic, so I understand why you can’t make it. Good luck with Episode VIII, and may the formal be with you!”

Watch Carlock’s original invitation video below.

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