Credit: FullFrontalSamB/Twitter

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a good Tuesday, but MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough evidently didn’t think she celebrated properly: “Smile,” he wrote on Twitter. “You just had a big night. #PrimaryDay.” Comedian Samantha Bee didn’t agree with his suggestion, so she responded to his tweet by posting a picture of her scowling face back at the Morning Joe co-host. “Ladies, it’s very important that you #SmileForJoe,” she wrote.

Bee currently hosts TBS late-night show Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, where she takes a satirical look at current events. Since the show premiered in early February, she’s tried to understand Donald Trump supporters, visited a Syrian refugee camp, and put on a play about lawmakers refusing to pass gun reform.

After posting her initial unsmiling photo, Bee began reposting similar photos from other women. Scarborough hasn’t directly responded to Bee, but he did attempt to clarify his “smile” comment after some Twitter users pointed out that telling a woman to smile is a common refrain heard from street harassers.

“We’ve hammered all candidates on their style and substance. We try to hold all candidates to the same standard,” he said in a series of tweets. “I don’t look at [Clinton] as a woman anymore than I did Thatcher. I look at her as a tough candidate who can handle it.”

See the tweets below.