Credit: C Brandon/Redferns

Wednesday is Mountain Goats longtime frontman John Darnielle’s birthday. To celebrate, the singer-songwriter used his prolific and charming Twitter account to announce that if his bowling team fundraiser gets $4,000 worth of donations before the end of the day, he’ll release a new song for free. It’s apparently an a capella track called “Wizard Level,” which Darnielle clarified as “sad and lonesome Mountain Goats, not yelling Mountain Goats.”

Darnielle’s bowling team, the Reproductive Justice League, is part of the 5th Annual Carolina Abortion Fund Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon, a fundraiser for the Carolina Abortion Fund, which helps provide abortion access to women in North Carolina who couldn’t otherwise afford it. You can find out more and donate to Darnielle’s team here. As of press time, they had already reached over $3,000, which means fans may indeed get to hear “Wizard Level.”