Credit: Rad Motel

Since its debut on Broadway last August, Hamilton has become a musical phenomenon. Its soundtrack has sold smashingly, and the cast has performed on the Grammys and been invited to the White House. Over roughly the same period of time, Donald Trump has taken total control over the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nominee. Some observers have spotted a connection (The New York TimesWesley Morris described Trump as “the presidential candidate for anyone freaked out by the idea of a show like Hamilton’’), but sketch comedy group Rad Motel just took it way farther. Their new video, “Hamiltrump,” makes Trump the subject of a Hamilton-like musical.

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The video parodies Hamilton opener “Alexander Hamilton” (the one they performed at the Grammys). Multiple people stand up to cite facts about Trump (“the frontrunner, world-stunner and big gunner / Polled a lot higher by being a big liar”) before the man himself makes his grand entrance, announcing, “There’s a million walls I haven’t built, just you wait.” Whereas the young Hamilton struggled through the deaths of family members and poverty on a Caribbean island, Trump’s biggest drama was a slew of marriages, which are recited here in musical form.

The important differences between Trump and Hamilton are enumerated at the end. Where the original Hamilton paints its protagonist as emblematic of struggling immigrants, the parody announces of its target, “Donald’s in the home stretch now, see if you can stop him / With no more immigrants coming up from the bottom.” The musical includes an actor playing Mitt Romney (as the adversarial Aaron Burr figure), and a Trump fan dressed as his proposed Mexican wall, which is a thing that actually happened.

Watch the video above.

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