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One of Jesse Eisenberg’s first scenes in Batman v Superman involves Lex Luthor calmly shooting a three-pointer. Eisenberg told Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday that although he’s good at basketball, that shot involved a lot of pressure.

“I was making them all day, and so they asked, ‘Do you want a stunt person?’ I was like, ‘Nah, I got this,’ ” Eisenberg recalled. “And then the pressure was so intense, it took me like 30 shots. And then the character has to turn around and have this very confident, villainous greeting to these people, but I just looked like somebody who had finally made a shot after 30 baskets, which is exhausted and apologetic.”

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Fallon referred to Batman v Superman as the loudest movie he had ever seen, and asked how Eisenberg liked working on such a massive production. For Eisenberg, the character of Luthor was so multi-faceted that he still felt like he was doing an indie movie type of character, just on a huge scale. One main difference between Batman v Superman and indies like The End of the Tour, however, was the former’s on-set gym.

“They actually went to the gym at lunch, lifting weights,” Eisenberg said. “There was a gym on set I avoided. I play the spotter.”

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