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With less than two weeks to go until the highly anticipated release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, star Gal Gadot stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday to discuss her role as Wonder Woman. Things got slightly awkward when Kimmel, who has seen the film, said that he viewed it through the lens of a comic book geek. Gadot responded by asking him what he thought of her breasts.

“It was a joke, and maybe a bad one,” Gadot clarified. “I thought you were leading to the fact that a lot of comic fans had a lot to say about my breasts.”

But no, Kimmel just meant that he was ambivalent about the movie’s Wonder Woman costume, which is darker and more bronze than both the version from the comics as well as Lynda Carter’s iconic star-spangled outfit from the ’70s TV show. Gadot said she struggled with it as well, on a more physical level, from the moment she first tried it on.

“I walked into this huge hangar filled with images of me as Wonder Woman, which was surreal,” Gadot said. “Then they got me into the fitting room and tried on the costume. And I was so happy and so grateful for being there and doing this role that I didn’t say anything about the fact it was so tight, I literally could not breathe.”

Luckily, the costume team noticed she was having a hard time and fixed the garment accordingly. But that didn’t do much to protect Gadot later, as Wonder Woman started filming in the midst of an English winter, exposed costume and all. Wonder Woman may be the first female superhero to headline her own movie, but she still misses out on some of her male peers’ perks.

“Meanwhile, Batman and Superman — especially Batman — are more than covered. He might as well be in a gorilla costume,” Kimmel said. “He’s probably burning on the inside while you’re freezing.”

Watch the full clip below.

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