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Pictionary is not usually thought of as one of the more competitive American games. Yet when Jimmy Fallon assembled Shailene Woodley and Schitt’s Creek stars Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara on Monday’s The Tonight Show for just such a game, it ended up getting quite competitive.

Woodley and O’Hara were up first. O’Hara failed to correctly identify Woodley’s stick figure rendition of the Mona Lisa, but they shook it off. Fallon, by contrast, was highly confident when he was given “cat got your tongue” to draw. He scribbled a cat face next to a human with an outstretched tongue. When Levy got the guess wrong (“Hold your tongue?”), Fallon lost it, jumping up and down and practically screaming, “The only phrase with ‘cat’ and ‘tongue’ in it!”

Things got even weirder when O’Hara was assigned Darth Vader. She started by trying to convey “Star Wars” with a drawing of a star and a gun, but her phallic rendition of a firing gun freaked Fallon out. “Can we blur that out?” He asked aloud. “I forgot what a gun looked like,” O’Hara said.

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Levy, a better artist than a guesser, successfully got Fallon to identify “Apple Watch” — Fallon was so excited he stood up and danced.

The final part of the game was a sudden-death showdown, with Fallon and O’Hara drawing the same prompt at the same time. Levy successfully identified “talk to the hand” before Woodley, which sent Fallon over the moon. The host said at the beginning of the game that he’d never lost. And so, his unbeatable Pictionary streak continues.

Watch the full clip below.

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