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One of Gal Gadot’s flights had more good news waiting for her than that the plane had landed safely at its destination.

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actress appeared on Tuesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show and described the process she underwent to become the first actress to play Wonder Woman in theaters.

“I did an audition, I didn’t know what I was auditioning for,” Gadot told DeGeneres, explaining she first read a scene with Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder without any information on the role.

“And then they call to say that they want to camera test me with Ben [Affleck]. I said ‘Great, what am I testing for.'” Gadot explained she learned later that night what role Snyder had in mind when he called her.

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“Same night, caught to Zack calls me, saying, ‘Well, I’m not sure if you have it in Israel but did you ever hear of Wonder Woman?’ Then I went dead for five seconds, came back to life, and tried to pull off my coolest voice, saying ‘Wonder Woman? Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard of her,” she said.

Gadot felt positive about the test with the latest Dark Knight and expected an answer shortly. But she had to wait for two weeks before receiving any sort of decision, finally hearing back after taking a flight from her home in Israel to America.

“And then the moment the airplane landed, I saw 30 missed calls from my agents,” she said, which prompted the actress to quickly call her agents back and learn that she would be playing Diana Prince in the upcoming superhero showdown.

Of course, Gadot will not only appear in the upcoming Batman v Superman, but will also be the first actress to headline a solo Wonder Woman film, due out in 2017, and appearing in the upcoming Justice League films, part 1 of which begins shooting this April.

Watch the interview below to hear the full story from Gadot, along with what playing the part means for her, as well as being a role model for her daughter and other young girls. (Though, as Gadot describes, explaining whether wearing a tiara on set made her mother a queen and thus her a princess proved a bit more complicated.) And for more from Gadot on stepping into the role, read EW’s latest interview with the actress ahead of Batman v Superman‘s release on March 25.

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