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Grab a box of tissues. Ellen DeGeneres has made a heartfelt plea on behalf of 32-year-old comedian Quincy Jones, who shared his moving story on Tuesday’s episode of Ellen.

Last year, Jones found out that he had stage-four cancer and was told that he had only one year to live — tragic circumstances that prompted him to pursue his dream of filming a stand-up special.

“I’m at that age where all my friends are having kids and getting married so I had to do some reflecting and I was like what do I have to show for my 32 years on Earth,” said Jones. “Oh, I do comedy, I’m a comedian, why not try and film this special?”

His friends got the process rolling with a Kickstarter that has blown past the original goal, and Ellen joined in by presenting Jones with a check for $10,000. She also implored Netflix or HBO to air the special: “If someone from HBO is watching or somebody from Netflix is watching this guy (Jones) is hilarious, why don’t you air this on HBO, put it on Netflix.”

See the video above.

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