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Just like that, we have our next Bachelorette. JoJo might’ve started Ben’s season as “the woman who wore a unicorn mask getting out of the limo,” but by the time her journey ended as Ben’s runner-up, she was simply a woman looking for a man to say “I love you” and mean it. (In other words, a man who says, “I love you,” and doesn’t follow it up with, “but I love someone else more.”)

But none of that matters now, because it’s JoJo’s chance to find love. And in advance of her Bachelorette season, we’ve rounded up a few things viewers can expect from the real estate developer from Dallas.

1. A good sense of humor. Let’s start with the real stuff: From what we’ve seen of JoJo, she’s a down-to-earth, no-drama kind of human being who tends to play well with others, has the ability to make fun of herself, and has a completely justifiable fear of bees.

2. A killer top knot. When JoJo’s hair is up, it means business.

3. Protective brothers. Not only was JoJo’s brother Ben on Ready for Love, but he and his older brother are very, very protective of JoJo. Odds are they will grill every single guy she brings home. They’re also extremely affectionate, so let’s hope the men JoJo brings home aren’t the jealous type.

4. Amazing style. JoJo’s dresses never disappoint, both from a style perspective and from a cleavage perspective.

5. A truly terrible run. So she’s not the most coordinated person in the world, so what?

6. “Babe.” When JoJo falls for a guy, her go-to term of endearment seems to be “babe.” That’s not to say that it can’t change according to the man, but we’re just going off of what we know so far.

7. Potentially a great Bachelorette. JoJo’s a strong woman who genuinely seems to want love in her life. She’s smart and funny and level-headed. In terms of Bachelorettes, I’m feeling an Ali-Andi mix. In other words, she could go down as one of the best ones yet.

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