Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Amber Rose defended herself Tuesday after members of the Beyhive took issue with a comment she made about Beyoncé.

In an interview with The Daily Beast on Monday, Amber Rose was asked about her support for Kim Kardashian after the reality star’s controversial naked selfie. Rose expanded on an earlier statement first directed at Pink, saying she and Kardashian wouldn’t be judged as harshly if they were singers. In the follow-up interview, however, she named a specific singer as an example.

“If we could sing, it would be OK if we were on stage half-naked,” Rose said. “We all love Beyoncé, but she’s on stage half-naked and twerking all the time, yet people say, ‘Oh, she has talent so she’s able to do that.’ We don’t have the talent that Beyoncé has, so we get criticized as former sex workers, but at the end of the day we’re just women — we’re all women — and we should all embrace each other.”

The comment seemingly didn’t sit well with the Beyhive, Beyoncé‘s famously passionate fans. As they have done in the past, the group swarmed to comment on all of Rose’s posts with bee emojis.

In response, Rose said she was “just speaking on Classism,” and said she too is “a part of the Beyhive,” adding that she “cried twice when [she] met [Beyonce].”