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March 14, 2016 at 05:02 PM EDT
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Ariana Grande has done Broadway, starred in her own Nickelodeon TV show, and minted gold records. So why was anyone surprised that she was a great Saturday Night Live host who could do more than just sing?

Grande doubled as the episode’s musical guest, but the 22-year-old didn’t just ride the coattails of the show’s political skewerings — though the Trump/Sanders/Clinton bits were certainly highlights. She sang about 21st-century celebrity scandal in her monologue and feminism in a digital short, she imitated other female singers’ stylings in a live sketch, and did a spot-on Jennifer Lawrence impression. Bottom line: whoever booked her for double-duty had an inkling that Grande could deliver the goods. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise for viewers who saw only her brief cameo (as She-Ra) when she was the musical guest for Chris Pratt’s SNL episode in 2014.

Grande drops into a best-host poll that is currently dominated by women. Jonah Hill was the rare host to sink upon impact, and he was quickly eliminated in his first week. His poor showing boosted Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who supplanted Melissa McCarthy at the top of the pack. Also surging was Adam Driver and Larry David, who leapt into second place and can only help his prospects with his frequent cameo appearances as Bernie Sanders. But right now, it’s full-steam ahead towards the first Ms. Saturday Night winner. 

Previous vote:

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler    28.9% (+9 pts)

Larry David                        24.4% (+7)

Melissa McCarthy              20.5% (-27)

Adam Driver                       15.4% (+7)

Jonah Hill                           10.9% (—)

Our rules are simple: Who was the best, most memorable SNL host this season? More specifically, who do you hope gets invited back next year? Whose show had your boss, your mom, and your roommate still giggling on Monday morning? It’s subjective, of course, but let’s reward the guest hosts who brought something special to the table. So far, we’ve eliminated Hill, Ryan Gosling, Ronda Rousey, Amy Schumer, Chris Hemsworth, Tracy Morgan, Matthew McConaughey, Elizabeth Banks, Miley Cyrus, and Donald Trump.

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Below, see one representative clip from each of the five hosts, just as a small taste of their recent performances. You’re not voting on this one sketch alone; be sure to consider the entire episode. Make your pick below, and the host with the least support will be eliminated; the other four will advance to compete against Peter Dinklage on April 2. Ultimately, we’ll dismiss the less memorable hosts and crown a new Mr. or Ms. Saturday Night in May. Vote below.

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