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Despite a joke from Terrence Howard, O.J. probably won’t be on Empire‘s mid-season premiere on March 30. But, speaking during a Friday night’s PaleyFest panel, the cast and crew revealed the celebs they’d like to see join the show’s impressive guest star roster.

Howard’s wish list includes Adele and Kendrick Lamar, while the name Prince was uttered, and Gabourey Sidibe kept whispering, “Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé” into the mic.

Previously, there have been rumblings from team Empire​ about a guest appearance by Mariah Carey. Actor Jussie Smollett teased a Carey cameo last August but backpedaled in September. And series creator Lee Daniels told EW in September that “Mariah is coming on.”

Director Sanaa Hamri told EW outside of the panel, “Well, from my point of view, I’d like to bring more artists on to perform. I have a wishlist of having D’Angelo on the show, Kendrick Lamar, and French Montana … not too many guest stars, but just about integrating those artists. My passion is music.”

Actress Kaitlin Doubleday also remarked, “The guest stars are amazing, but I think they loved the family in the first season and learning who they were and the drama just between these seven people.”

Reporting by C. Molly Smith

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Lee Daniels and Danny Strong created this Fox drama about a kingpin of hip-hop (played by Terrence Howard) and his family, who fight him for control of the empire.
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