Credit: Lloyd Bishop/Getty Images

Rocker Bryan Adams claimed his guitar was defaced after going through airport customs on a trip to Egypt.

“Airport customs graffiti on my 1946 Martin D-18 from Egypt. Back to the luthier,” he wrote next to a photo of the instrument, now with green markings. He further explained in a Facebook message to AFP, “We almost didn’t get the equipment into the country, and when we did, it was all marked like this. There were absolutely no apologies.”

Adams had a similar grievance with Air Canada in 2015, after which he tweeted a photo of pen damage done to his instrument.

Adams documented his recent trip by posting photos flying over Cairo and “performing with Egyptian percussionist Ahmed Bedair in front of the Sphinx” from earlier in the week.

He posted a follow-up statement addressing his Egyptian fans after the guitar incident. “Thank you for writing about the guitar, I really appreciate it, it will be fixed no problem,” he wrote. “I want you all to know that I love your country and we had an amazing time there, we felt at home.”

He continued, “The incident of defacing our instruments at airport customs is annoying, but it needed to be said. Much love to you all and look forward to bringing my family to visit you one day soon….next time no green markers please!”