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"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere

Consider Trevor Noah among those under the spell of Justin Trudeau’s physical charm.

On Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show, the late-night host favorably compared the Canadian Prime Minister to the American presidential candidates following Wednesday night’s Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

“I love these two going at it. They’re both super smart, they’re both really passionate,” Noah said of the debate. “The big difference right now between Bernie and Hillary is that Bernie Sanders is shooting for the stars, even if the rocket ship might blow up, and Hillary is almost like, ‘Let’s just fly to Akron and get there in one piece.'”

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Noah then noted the uptick in Americans searching “Move to Canada” on Google in the midst of the current presidential race. “Over the last few months, America has gone from ‘Yes we can!’ to ‘Yes we Canada,’ ” he said, before praising America’s Northern neighbor for its education system, elevated math scores, and willingness to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees.

Noah also highlighted Trudeau’s history as a snowboard instructor, a bouncer in a nightclub, a white water river guide, and a teacher. “Why do I suddenly have the urge to throw my panties at the screen? I don’t even wear panties,” Noah said just before playing a clip that included a photo of Trudeau cuddling with baby pandas at the Toronto Zoo. Shortly thereafter, Noah reaches into his pants and pulls out a pair of bright red underwear, throwing them at the screen in praise of the Canadian politician.

“You have all of me! Take it all, Trudeau!” he said, removing a matching bra from his shirt and tossing it toward the audience. See the full clip below.

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere
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