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Please, anything on Rumbelle. Do we Once Upon a Time fans have anything positive to look forward to? — Betsy

It’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to their relationship at the moment. “When she came back, she realized that Gold, for the first time, had been completely unselfish and sacrificed himself for her,” Robert Carlyle says. “He could’ve used that potion and could’ve gotten out of town himself, but he hasn’t. He’s given it to her. But unfortunately just at the point she’s come back, she’s come back to the Dark One. How she’s going to react when she finds that out again, that Rumple-Belle relationship is thrown into chaos and influx.”

Is Meredith going to hook up with that new military doctor on Grey’s Anatomy? I was starting to think she and Riggs might be an item. — Haille

I hear that Dr. Thorpe (Scott Elrod) will return for multiple episodes, but whether that means Mer is heading into a full-blown relationship remains to be seen. As for Riggs, he has other problems to deal with first, namely all things Owen. “In episode 15, April does get in the middle of them a little bit,” Sarah Drew teases of the tension building between the docs.

Asher and Michaela?! Whaaaaaat?! What’s next for them on How to Get Away With Murder? — Sammy

That promo seems to indicate they want more, but initially they may be surprised by their actions. “Guilt is the predominant feeling for both of them the next morning — specifically because Caleb is still missing,” EP Pete Nowalk says. “If I were their therapist, I’d say forget it ever happened. The question for next week is: Do they want to? Because from what I saw, they both seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

I was SHOCKED to find out Reade’s secret girlfriend is Kurt’s sister on Blindspot. Any scoop on that? — Barbara

Let’s just say Weller will handle that news exactly how you’d expect. “He’s not going to take it great at all,” EP Martin Gero tells me. “We get into it right away. It really does ripple their relationship out for many episodes. It’s something they have to claw their way back from.”

Do you know who’s going to die on Quantico this week? — Martin

I’m sworn to secrecy, but I can tell you there’s even more heartbreak on the way. “Episode 14 is incredibly intense and emotional,” EP Josh Safran says. “You watch a show, you’re invested in the characters, you’ve talked about it for months, but when you watch it, you’re not moved, because you know everything that’s going to happen, but myself and the writers were all moved. Episode 14 is emotional, and 15 and 16 are also very moving. It’s not a different show, but it is a deeper show.”

When will Liz give birth on The Blacklist? — Boris

Probably sooner than you would expect. But they’ll have a few hurdles to get over first, particularly when it comes to their impending nuptials. See, getting Tom and Liz down the aisle will not be easy, especially when Mr. Solomon comes back into the picture. Let’s just say things will soon get very bloody.

Have Coulson and May finally patched their relationship on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Katrina

Yes, they certainly seem to be on the same page again, with May slipping back into the position of being Coulson’s right-hand woman. However, there’s a very big elephant in the room that could cause a divide in the near future. “Andrew/Lash is still out there and by all reports is more Lash and less Andrew all the time,” Clark Gregg tells me. “The way that they handle that is an impediment to them being fully harmonic.”

I need more on 12 Monkeys season 2! — Genesis

As cryptic as this may sound, this is a very juicy tease, believe me. “Insanity, which played a major factor in the film, is something we explore this season — the nature of it and whether some people you think truly are insane, maybe they’re not,” EP Terry Matalas tells me. “Maybe they’re connected to the world and nature in a different way, like Jennifer Goines. We’re going to be meeting a lot of interesting, psychologically challenged people this season.”

Can you tease anything about the super shows: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow? — Carl

How about all four of them at the same time? “There are some surprise returns and some surprise exits across all the shows,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells me. Make of that what you will.

Can you explain to me where the heck Fin was when Olivia was ousted on SVU?! — Tori

Very simply: “His character was on vacation,” EP Warren Leight explains. “He’ll be back in Part 2. He’ll arrive to see Liv gone, Dodds in Liv’s office and he says, ‘What’s going on?’ Rollins says, ‘I tried to call you last night. If you’d answer your phone.’ He goes, ‘When I’m not at work, I’m not at work.’ “

Best news I’ve heard all week: So. Many. Renewals.

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