David Wain and Michael Showalter cram feature-length retro humor into parody short

Vintage action flicks are alive and well in a new trailer from Wet Hot American Summer creators David Wain and Michael Showalter. Riffing on the overblown showmanship of ’70s suspense films, the pair teamed with Catfish producers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman for Second Sound Barrier, a promo for a fake movie that somehow doubles as a fragrance ad.

The clip follows the “three fastest drivers in the world’ on their quest to break the second sound barrier and save an ailing Lady Billionaire (Juliette Lewis). Framed by a grainy, retro-washed filter, the short captures a star-studded cast as they fight through fast cars, furious explosions, and wacky romance. Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under), Peter Mensah (300), and Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men) lead the charge, flanked by a goofball troop that includes Ken Marino (Childrens Hospital), Steve Little (The Grinder), and Bart McCarthy (Sons of Anarchy).

Wain and Showalter have a longstanding knack for aburdist humor, as members of The State comedy troupe and creators of Wet Hot American Summer. Joost and Schulman recently collaborated for a 10-ad stretch of fragrance commercials, and this latest cut, above, is somehow linked to new scents from Robert Graham, though its unclear how from the video.