By Christian Holub
March 11, 2016 at 12:57 PM EST

Anna Kendrick didn’t have a film to promote when she appeared on The Late Show Thursday night, but she still ended up giving a delightful interview. Part of the reason was that she and Stephen Colbert are both such self-admitted geeks; the very first thing they talked about was a shared love of The Lord of the Rings. Kendrick said and her best friend do regular marathons of the extended edition DVDs, while Colbert once appeared on the cover of EW dressed as Gandalf, Legolas, and Bilbo. He asked Kendrick if she identified with any particular LOTR character. 

“My best friend and I, we would like to be Frodo and Sam, but we’re sort of the lazy hungry ones, so we’re Pippin and Merry,” Kendrick said.

“That’s a rough casting,” Colbert said. “Pippin doesn’t do anything.”

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Kendrick countered that Pippin gets to sing the epic, sad song in the third film. She and Colbert additionally share a love of musical theater. In fact, they have both worked with legendary composer Stephen Sondheim in the past – Kendrick on the film adaptation of Into the Woods, and Colbert in a production of Company.

“The first time I had to sing my song, ‘Sorry / Grateful,’ right before I opened my mouth, he walked down the aisle and sat down in the front row,” Colbert said. “You know, the words ‘crap your pants’ are thrown around in this business so casually, but one of the most terrifying things I ever did was open my mouth and sing in front of that guy.”

Kendrick and Colbert concluded by singing “Falling In Love is Wonderful“ from Annie Get Your Gun, like the adorable geeks they are.

Watch the full clip below.