Credit: Ben Rothstein

Michael Shannon’s Roy can’t help but worry about his son in Midnight Special — especially as his son’s mysterious gifts have put the two on the run from forces that seek to destroy or manipulate his powers.

Two new clips and a new trailer for Jeff Nichols’ upcoming film showcase just how protective Roy is, no matter how dangerous his son’s powers might be. The first clip, viewable above, offers a quiet moment between Roy and his boy Alton (St. Vincent‘s Jaeden Lieberher). Alton wants his father not to worry anymore (as Alton says in the trailer, “I know why I’m here”), but there are no words that can hinder Roy’s paternal instincts.

The second clip, viewable below, features Roy’s ex-wife Sarah (Kirsten Dunst) and Lucas (Joel Edgerton), and even when Roy isn’t physically in the scene, his presence looms over the conversation. The two discuss Roy’s determination to save his son, and though they may be separated, Sarah clearly understands just how devoted Roy is to Alton’s survival.

Midnight Special, which is also written by Nichols and co-stars Adam Driver and Sam Shepard, hits theaters on March 18. The new U.K. trailer helps establish the stakes.

Midnight Special
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