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In Wednesday’s premiere of The Carmichael Show, Jerrod Carmichael floats the idea that cheating in a relationship is more accepted the richer you are. And that’s not even his most controversial opinion: In his appearance on The Late Show Wednesday night, the comedian expressed a certain amount of support for Donald Trump.

“As someone who recently moved to a new tax bracket, I think he has some interesting ideas sometimes,” Carmichael said. “I’ve realized a thing I may agree with Trump on: the wall. I don’t like hearing him talk about the wall, but I like the idea of a wall. It’s not that I’m anti-Mexican, but I am pro-wall. Walls are amazing. We have them in our homes for a reason.”

Carmichael quickly clarified that he wasn’t endorsing Trump, though he did double down on his idea that rich people shouldn’t necessarily be punished for cheating on their wives.

“What high of a tax bracket are you in right now?” Colbert asked. “You really do sound like a Trump voter.”

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Carmichael did hold back in some ways, however, declining to kiss Colbert the way previous guests Sally Field and Helen Mirren had done.

“If I don’t stop this train, where does it stop?” Carmichael asked. “It stops in Coldsoreville, that’s where. You’ve got to be careful with that.”

Watch the full clip below.

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