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Some movies are so interested in appearing “serious” that they consciously preclude any possibility of lighthearted fun. James Corden and Martin Short fixed this problem for a few movies on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Late Show, adding showy musical sequences to a number of otherwise dark dramas.

First up was GoodFellas and its iconic “funny guy” scene, in which Tommy (Joe Pesci) mercilessly berates (Ray Liotta) for calling him “funny.” In Corden’s version, Short played the Tommy role, belting out, “Should I wear makeup on my face, some baggy pantaloons? Wear a funny wig, make animals from balloons?”

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Next up was The Revenant and its instantly iconic bear scene. As Leo’s Hugh Glass, Short sang: “Bear fight, bear fight, putting me to the test. Bear fight, bear fight, tearing into my chest.” Corden replied as the bear, “Man fight, man fight, I know what you did. Man fight, man fight, you try to hurt my kid.” After a “fight scene” comprised flashy dancing, Short and Corden realized their secret passion (perhaps a callback to that old Drudge Report rumor). “Against the odds, here in my paws, we have to see where this goes,” Corden-bear sang. “This is my wish, to kiss your lips; I’m the salmon, you’re the nets.”

Their final Inappropriate Muscial was The Gladiator. Corden and Short turned the film’s iconic “Are you not entertained?” scene into a classic showtune. “In the olden days, folks were easy to please,” Corden and Short sang. “A simple death, a lack of breath, would quickly appease. But these days they want some razzmatazz. They’re bored with the straightforward death, they want a little jazz.” Towards the end of the number, Will Arnett even joined the fun as Joaquin Phoenix’s character from the film.

Watch the full clip below.

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