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March 10, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from “Zero Day,” Thursday’s episode of Colony. Read at your own risk! Recap here.

The end of the penultimate episode of Colony’s first season gave us a moment that was a long time coming: Will (Josh Holloway) and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) finally addressed the elephant in the room, each of them confronting the other about their secret lives. “In a way, episode 9 is the big emotional climax to the season and that leads to the story narrative climax that you will see as a result of everything that’s happened in the next episode,” executive producer Ryan Condal tells EW. Read on for more on tonight’s intense episode.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: That huge fight between Katie and Will was obviously a long time coming, and it totally delivered. How was it to write that scene, put it together, and then see it performed by Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies, who are so good in these roles?

RYAN CONDAL: We always talk in the room about how it’s ideal that Will is this amazing investigator, he’s an incredible reader of people and a very instructional human detective, and that the one person that he has a blind spot for is his wife. Anybody else in his life he would’ve had them pegged. But because it was Katie and because he loves her so deeply and he can’t believe she would lie to him and spy on him like this, he looked for every excuse that he could to explain it away. In episode 8, he’s out of excuses and now he’s decided to use her just as she used him, and use her to break up this Resistance spell. It’s a long build, it was a very difficult scene to shoot and I really think for both of them [Josh and Sarah] it’s a high watermark of their work in the season.  

And it felt earned, too. It didn’t feel like it came out of the blue when you watched them yell at each other with all these accusations, especially when Katie told Will this wasn’t a marriage or a partnership. I feel like that ties back to what you said earlier about treating this relationship like an infidelity story.

You have to build every storyline separately because when you get scenes like this, you want to feel like you’re rewarded. Will and Katie had a huge blow out fight in episode 1 but in order to get to the place we got to in their argument in this episode, you really have to experience the season. There’s things you can do right out of the gate but there’s a lot of things like a big emotional end and the sci-fi cliffhanger that really have to be earned to land with the audience. 

Bram watched the whole fight from the window. Between that and knowing his mom is hiding a secret, what can you tease about how he’ll be affected going into the finale?

There’s a lot of really good stuff to come for Bram. With his character, the challenge in any of these shows is to try to present the teenager in a new light that is sort of unique to television and unique to the situation you put your characters in. We had to do some storytelling this year to earn our way into the Bram story that we wanted to tell, but he has a pure sense of right and wrong, even more so than his dad and his mother. And you have big worldly stuff going on with the adults, and the challenge is how do you find a compelling story for the children? We had to cross some of the tropes of these kinds of characters to find him in the world we wanted him in, and we’ve seen him kind of resisting all season long — not in the sense of taking up arms against the Occupation, but just Bram’s journey outside the wall to forge for goods and helping his teacher build a telescope …those are all forces of resistance we’ve seen from this angry young man, growing into this character with a clearly black-and-white sense of code of morality. The sad irony here for Will and Katie is that in their obsession to find their missing son, they have, in a way lost their other children.

Let’s talk about Snyder: I feel like we’ve really seen him evolve from flippant, power-hungry leader to someone who realizes just how high the stakes of his job are. And after this episode, I feel like he’s proven he’s definitely smarter than he looks.

The big hope was to really humanize Snyder’s character. He’s still the villain of the show, but hopefully the audience will see there are worse villains in the show, and at the very least, at the end of the tale, even if they don’t agree with Snyder hopefully they understand what made him who he is and where he’s coming from. And I think the sad thing is that, as we’ll see next week, he was probably right to think “I’m the best there is.”

Okay. Tease us about that last shot. Come on! What did Broussard and Katie find in the train car?

[Laughs] I will assure you that is the main subject of the story next week.

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