EW Music staffers name the best new tunes of the week.

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Each week EW’s music staffers share their favorite brand new tunes. See our picks below and sound off about your picks in the comments.

Gwen Stefani, “Misery”

The Gwenaissance is alive and well with the latest song from Gwen Stefani’s forthcoming album. “Misery” is a one-two pop-punch that sets fans up to empathize with Stefani’s, uh, misery, until the tune twists into a love song with lyrics like, “Put me out of my misery, hurry up come see me.” She’s in love, y’all, and the tunes that stem from that love rule. — Jessica Goodman

Jeff Buckley, “A Dream of You And I”

There are many treasures to unearth on the latest posthumous Buckley release, but an instant favorite is the earliest iteration of “You & I,” a song that became one of his best known tunes following 1998’s Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk, which debuted a year after the singer’s death. It’s loose, improvised, and a rare peek at one of music’s greatest — and most missed — minds. —Madison Vain

Underworld, “Ova Nova”

On this stunning centerpiece from their forthcoming album, Barbara We Face a Shining Future, the pioneers of ’90s British electronica hit all the right pop pleasure points: “Ova Nova” starts with a throbbing bass and strummy nylon-string guitars but slowly builds into a heavenly chorus that’s pure peak-of-the-late-night-rave bliss. —Kevin O’Donnell

Terrace Martin, “Think of You”

Fans of the jazzy vibes on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly — which featured multi-instrumentalist and producer Martin — will enjoy this offering from Martin’s upcoming album Velvet Portraits. Don’t miss sax pro Kamasi Washington’s languorous solo. —Eric Renner Brown

Sturgill Simpson, “Brace For Impact (Live A Little)”

Country’s psychedelic space cadet is coming back to land. He dropped the first tune off his upcoming alvum A Sailor’s Guide To Earth (Apr. 15) and it’s gritty, grungy, dirt-based blues rock in the finest sense. —MV

Lucius, “Gone Insane”

Who knew a romantic quarrels could be so gorgeous, or joyful? On this song off Lucius’ brand new, excellent LP Good Grief (out now), co-frontwomen Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig take listeners through one of those knock-down, all out brawls between partners where insults are blindly hurled and forgiveness is a long way off. By the end, they’re chanting, “Oh, I must be the one the who’s gone insane!” over and over, their unison quickly giving way to chaos.—MV

Jake Owen, “American Country Love Song”

Jake Owen has one of the richer voices in Music City, a delicious honey-bourboned baritone, and while his new one isn’t necessarily the best vehicle to showcase that — it’s no “What We Ain’t Got” — it makes up for it with its irresistible summer vibes. Start your beach bonfires/backyard BBQs playlist here. —MV

Ladyhawke, “A Love Song

This What Went Down outtake — which will be released along with the English band’s “Daffodils” cover for Record Store Day — starts out calm with shimmering synths before frontman Yannis Philippakis eventually full-out wails, his yowls echoing over the minimal, pleasantly repetitive instrumentals. The entire track feels like it’s building toward a chaotic climax that never comes, which is all for the better: The track’s strength lies in its twinkling restraint. —Ariana Bacle

Joey Bada$$, “Brooklyn’s Own”

The Brooklyn-based Bada$$ keeps up his streak of breezy, understated rap gems on his latest homage to his native New York borough, which tackles local violence — “Got my mama horrified every time I go outside / I can feel her heart beat when I’m in these dark streets” — but ends on an optimistic note. —ERB