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The 2016 presidential election is still several months away, but the field of candidates is rapidly dwindling. Last week, Ben Carson became the latest to throw in the towel, prompting another edition of Stephen Colbert’s “Hungry for Power Games.” To make up for the fact that Colbert’s Caesar Flickerman now has fewer candidates to mock, he debuted a new sidekick: Andro, “my mute man-boy.” Andro showed up to refill Colbert’s champagne, allowing the host to get back to jokes about Carson’s sleepiness.

“He told his supporters he ‘sees no path forward,'” Colbert said. “Doctor, with your eyes closed, you can’t see anything forward.”

Colbert also played a clip from Carson’s original campaign announcement, in which the brain surgeon declared “I’m not a politician; I don’t want to be a politician.”

“Wish granted!” Colbert said.

Watch the full clip above.

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