Credit: Discovery Channel

These survivalists can’t get any more naked, but can get they more afraid in the new season? They can — and they will.

“We’ve had more tap-outs and evacuations than ever before,” says exec producer Steve Rankin. “We’ve gone to Northern Canada, where it’s really cold, and to Australia, where some of the deadliest species in the world reside, so we’ve upped the stakes.”

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Airing Sunday at 10 p.m. on Discovery, the Alabama-set season premiere features a possible romance, a possum meal, and a heart-stopping — or rather, not-stopping moment — between contestant and rattlesnake. “After he’s killed the snake, he’s gutting it,” says Rankin. “But like in many kills, especially with reptiles, the nervous system is continuing to function even though the animal is dead. He removes the still-beating heart, and he looks at it, and he just pops it into his mouth,” shares Rankin. “We talk about having heart, and putting your heart and soul into things — he certainly put his heart into that.”

Not sufficiently grossed-out by just reading those words? Want to see something with more bite than these mosquitos and more shock than this electric eel? Or do you just have a thing for unclothed humans chowing down on pulsating reptile organs? Whatever your reason, if you click on this exclusive sneak peek featuring the self-proclaimed “King of the Forest,” you will get very, very Afraid.

Naked and Afraid
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