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Heading into the Teen Wolf season 5B finale, villains are everywhere. Not only does The Beast have Mason, but the Desert Wolf is back in town, Deucalion is still looking to steal Scott’s eyes, and then there’s Gerard, who can never fully be trusted.

“Everyone is in danger,” showrunner Jeff Davis tells EW of the finale. “We wanted to give you a finale where everybody gets their heroic moment and makes you wonder who’s going to live and die. Can we possibly save all of these people?”

And when it comes to saving people, there’s one person who stands out as needing the most help: Mason. With the return of Sebastien Valet as the Beast, is Mason gone for good? Not necessarily.

“There’s hope for Mason,” Davis says. “It all lies with Scott’s desire to save everyone, especially his determination that Liam will not lose his best friend. Scott was able to save his own best friend, so he’s determined that Liam will have a fighting chance to save Mason.”

But not everyone has a best friend to help them out. Malia, for example, is going to have to face her mother on her own. Okay, so she might have a little help from Braeden, but let’s face it: Claws trump guns. Regardless, it’s time for Malia to get at least a little closure, right? “Yes, but not enough,” Davis says. “We like to leave a few little crumbs here and there to allow us to bring characters back. Malia’s going to have to have difficulty in the future with finding the right sort of parental figures since her parents are the Desert Wolf and Peter. But in terms of defining her powers, I think we’ll definitely get some closure on that.”

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Also looking for closure — or rather, a solution — is Kira, whom we last saw reconnect with the Skinwalkers to ask for help. “The Skinwalkers are like the gods giving Perseus the sword and the shield,” Davis says. “Sometimes our heroes need help from above, but it comes with a price.”

And with that in mind, Davis says there’s definite potential for storylines to carry over into season 6. “We’re shooting season 6 right now and I’ve said before that the attentive viewer will know who the villains of season 6 are if they’ve paid careful attention to season 5.”

Any guesses?

Teen Wolf airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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