Plus: The new villain in town, and what's ahead for Stiles' love life in season 6
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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for “Apotheosis​,” the season 5B finale of Teen Wolf. Read at your own risk!

As Teen Wolf‘s fifth season came to an end, Scott and his pack were able to defeat the Beast, save Mason, and reunite Theo with his sister in a truly horrifying way. But no finale is complete without a cliffhanger, and for Teen Wolf, that cliffhanger involved a new villain: A Nazi werewolf. (Oh yeah. Believe it.)

We spoke with showrunner Jeff Davis about the hour, that Allison moment, and what comes next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I loved how this finale, and this season really, was such an ode to Allison in a way. Tell me about deciding to make her a central part of this story.

JEFF DAVIS: It was in a way a love letter almost to both Allison and Crystal Reed. We were able to get her for the Maid of Gévaudan episode and to tie in her likeness. We knew that we could have a way for Scott to survive. We tried to really set up in that episode as well that Scott was never going to be able to defeat the Beast by pure strength alone, and it had to be clever. So that’s why Scott had a few tricks up his sleeve. This was the season of Scott as an alpha defeating the Beast through brains and not necessarily brawn. It also allowed us to have Allison save his life one more time and show just how much of a hero she was. And it’s also a way to say that these friendships and these relationships are so strong that they come back to you even after death. You never know when someone will be there for you.

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Does this cliffhanger mean that we have a Nazi on the loose?

Yes it does. But he’s not the only villain.

I have to say: I never thought I’d see a Nazi on this show.

[Laughs] Neither did we! But we love history on this show, we love going into things like World War II and combining our Teen Wolf mythology with real historical events, as we did with the Japanese internment camps and Marie-Jeanne Valet being an actual person who defended herself against the Beast of Gévaudan. So we are possibly going to do another historical episode where we go back and see the Nazis’ obsession with the occult.

Are the Dread Doctors still around?

No, they are gone. I think we tied it up pretty nicely with the reveal of Marcel being The Surgeon. We wanted to say goodnight to that storyline. It was our first attempt at doing a storyline over 20 episodes and it’s hard to do. We are definitely going back to doing 10 episodes as one storyline.

I have to know: Was one of the Dread Doctors female?

Yes. We called her the Geneticist. One was the Surgeon, one was the Pathologist, and one was the Geneticist.

The Surgeon created them, right?

Yes, the Surgeon was the one who created them. That was Marcel.

Is this the end for Theo?

We can’t say just yet.

That was one of the creepier things you all have done.

[Laughs] Yeah, it was pretty weird. He was dragged into the earth by his sister.

The Desert Wolf is knocked out. What’s next for her?

It’s hard to say since she just booked a pilot. [Laughs] So we’ll see. We can say that she’s in Eichen House most likely doing her time now in our supernatural prison.

Is Kira a Skinwalker now?

She is not a Skinwalker but she is going to be with the Skinwalkers for a while learning to control the fox spirit.

Deucalion was shot, but he’s still around. Is there an opportunity for him to return?

Absolutely. The only reason we didn’t have him on the show sooner was because we had a scheduling conflict. But we absolutely love Gideon Emery, and we liked the idea that Scott would come back to him and say, “It’s now time to pay your debt. We let you go and now you have to help us.” It was nice to have Gideon back especially since he does such a great job with very long monologues and speeches.

Mason just went through a lot. Are there going to be any after-effects for him?

That discussion comes up a lot in the room and what we decided a while ago is Mason’s too “good” of a character. He’s such a good person that we find it hard to see him being affected by it. He was basically a pawn. It was like he was sick with the flu and now he’s back 100 percent. It’s not going to be quite like Stiles where he felt the after-effects of the Nogitsune lasted for quite a while.

I loved that shot of Malia and Lydia linking arms and walking into the school. I know Holland [Roden] told me that they’re getting friendlier. Does that friendship make things awkward for Stiles?

[Laughs] That’s handled quite a bit in the first episode of season 6: Where does his heart lie and how awkward is this going to get?

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