March 08, 2016 at 02:27 PM EST

Over the course of his career, Will Arnett has played a wide spectrum of ill-adjusted man-children, from GOB Bluth to BoJack Horseman. It turns out the real Arnett has some problems with adulthood, as well. “You grow up and you find out driving isn’t fun, and sex isn’t real, it’s just a story they tell you to scare you,” Arnett told Stephen Colbert on Monday’s episode of The Late Show. Luckily, Colbert had just the solution to take Arnett back to the world of childhood innocence: a blanket fort. 

“In there, everything makes sense again,” Colbert said. “Everything you knew when you were a child is still true in the blanket fort.”

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So Arnett and Colbert put on pajamas and retired to Colbert’s blanket fort, where they pondered deep adolescent questions like, “Do teachers live at school?” and, “Do girls have to get naked to pee?” As they ate Twinkies and popcorn, Arnett asked Colbert why adults drink alcohol when it tastes so bad. 

“They need to drink it, otherwise they don’t know how to laugh,” Colbert said. “Or sleep, or do sex.” 

Watch the clip below.

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