The defense attorney will publish a collection about the criminal justice system.
Credit: Rob Kim/Getty Images

Jerry Buting, the lawyer who gained popularity after appearing in Making A Murderer while serving as Steven Avery’s defense attorney, will write a book about the criminal justice system to be released next year, HarperCollins announced Monday.

According to the Associated Press, Buting’s book will discuss his own career, the Avery case, and the “dysfunction” of the justice system.

“Excited to do book,” Buting tweeted Monday. “Lots to say about who I am & why I’m crim def atty. Love my career, every day. Avery only one of many interesting case. Will discuss how same flaws seen in MaM have been encountered frequently in my career. It’s time to change.”

After Making A Murderer debuted on Netflix last year, Buting and his co-attorney Dean Strang emerged as fan favorite participants in the docuseries. Earlier this month, they announced they would embark on a 27-stop speaking tour, crossing the U.S. and Canada, where they would discuss the Avery case and the American justice system. “This is a chance for a discussion that we can have with people about our justice system,” Buting said when announcing the run.

Buting isn’t the only lawyer who participated in the who with plans for a book. Prosecutor Ken Krantz told ABC’s Action 2 News that he would write about the case as well “because the one voice forgotten to this point is Teresa Halbach.” (Avery was arrested and convicted for murdering Halbach.)

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