The singer-songwriter says, 'There will never be another Crosby, Stills & Nash record or show.'
Credit: Rommel Demano/Getty Images

Fans of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and/ or Young are used to questioning the band’s lineup and sizing up its various iterations. But now it seems like the group, formed in 1968, may never record again.

“Right now, I don’t want anything to do with David Crosby at all,” Graham Nash said in a recent interview with Billboard. “In my world there will never, ever be a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young record and there will never be another Crosby, Stills & Nash record or show.”

When asked what Crosby had done, Nash said, “I was letting Crosby be who he is. I let people play their hand in front of me, and I let him do it and then I make a decision.”

Nash’s statements follow similar comments he made in Dutch magazine Lust for Life when he further elaborated on his relationship with Crosby, “I don’t like David Crosby right now. He’s been awful for me the last two years, just f—ing awful. I’ve been there and saved his f—ing ass for 45 years, and he treated me like sh–. You can’t do that to me. You can do it for a day or so, until I think you’re going to come around. When it goes on longer, and I keep getting nasty emails from him, I’m done. F— you. David has ripped the heart out of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.”

A representative for Crosby did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment.

Nash isn’t the first member of the band to denounce Crosby. Back in 2014, Neil Young said he would never work with Crosby, Stills & Nash after Crosby made disparaging comments about his partner, Daryl Hannah. (Crosby later apologized for his remarks.)

Nash’s next solo album This Path Tonight is due out next month, and he’ll tour in support of the collection. Crosby and Young are both currently on their own solo tours as well.