March 08, 2016 at 01:39 PM EST

During the first few weeks of her new show, Samantha Bee tackled the issue of Syrian refugees. On Monday’s episode of Full Frontal, the host dove into another hot-button political topic: gun reform. Or rather, the lack thereof. Despite a rash of mass shootings across America, states like Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and others have failed to pass laws which would require universal background checks as a requirement for gun ownership. Instead, these states are trying to get schoolchildren to undergo safety drills in case of mass shootings. 

Bee spoke to Alon Stivi, “school safety expert and fifth horseman of the apocalypse,” who has made training videos to teach kids how to collectively tackle potential gunmen and fight back using supplies at hand.

“It’s pretty simple. When one person with a gun comes to a doorway, they’re looking straight ahead,” Stivi said. “Throw a book, throw a bunch of books in a bag. In the classroom you have scissors, pencils …”

“Or maybe even like a pen, that you can write a letter to Congress with,” Bee said.

“You can also use the pen for something else,” Stivi responded. “Temple and the eyes.”

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Stivi teaches high schoolers these drills, but this new initiative skews even younger. Children’s book author Julia Cook has written a book, I’m Not Scared, I’m Prepared!, to teach active shooter response to kids as young as 4 years old. Cook explained her writing methodology as, “Think like you’re 40 and write like you’re 8,” which inspired Bee to think outside the box when it comes to dealing with stubborn lawmakers. 

“That’s exactly it, I’ve been looking up to lawmakers when I should have been talking down to them,” Bee said. “Through the power of children’s theater.”

With the help of a cast of young students, Bee put on a play called The Filibuster’s Fable, about a lawmaker who refused to pass gun reform out of fear of an F-rating from the NRA that would make him lose reelection. One of the other characters points out that Republicans like Nate Gentry have stood against the NRA and still won reelection.

“We hope you understood our play,” said one of the students at the end. “I know I did, and I’m a f—ing 9-year-old girl.”

Watch the full clip below.

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