'Everyone we know is very white / We don't have one black friend'
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Downton Abbey PS

After a memorable run as the most-watched PBS show of all time, Downton Abbey finally came to an end on Sunday night. As tribute, Jimmy Kimmel had John Legend cover the show’s beautiful, haunting theme song on Monday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! But Legend added lyrics to his version.

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Legend’s lyrics began by criticizing the show’s lack of diversity: “Everyone we know is very white / We don’t have one black friend.” In typical theme song fashion, Legend runs down short descriptions of each major character, such as the Dowager Countess (“Grandmama is always such a witch / She needs to get laid”) and Thomas Barrow (“We have a footman who is gay / He’s always carrying a tray”). Other highlights include, “It is time for tea and then a nap / I want a scone right now” and “Edith is such a loser / Why won’t she just die?”

Watch the clip below.

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Downton Abbey PS
Downton Abbey

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