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Hell’s Kitchen is about to become much more crowded, as Matt Murdock will share the rooftops with a few new big Marvel names in Daredevil‘s second season. And on Tuesday, Netflix gave fans the best look yet at the costumes for the new kids on the block.

Netflix has unveiled a new poster and teaser (above) for the return of Daredevil, showcasing The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and Elektra (Elodie Yung) in costume for the upcoming season. While both have appeared in the show’s trailers, this poster sheds some light on one of Frank Castle’s looks for the season, which resembles his comic-book counterpart with a variation of his signature skull logo imprinted on Bernthal’s shirt. Meanwhile, Elektra’s look is a bit more practical than perhaps one of her most recognizable costumes,

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Both characters make their debut in the Netflix and Marvel series’ second season, complicating Matt Murdock’s dual life as he attempts to maintain peace in the wake of season 1’s fight against Wilson Fisk.

See the new image below. Find out whether the devil of Hell’s Kitchen can handle the blast from his past that is Elektra and the new firefights being waged in his city thanks to The Punisher when Daredevil returns to Netflix on March 18.

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