By Will Robinson
March 07, 2016 at 11:13 PM EST
Ron Galella/WireImage file

During her time as First Lady, Nancy Reagan pushed hard to deter childhood drug use with the “Just Say No” campaign. In the wake of her death Sunday, Mr. T, one of the celebrity faces of the effort, remembered Reagan.

“I mourn the death of First Lady Nancy Reagan, who was Very Special to me,” Mr. T wrote Monday afternoon. “Not only did she invite me to the White House in December ’83, after meeting with her and President Ronald Reagan, he then asked me to help her with her ‘Just Say No’ program which I gladly accepted with humility and honor.”

The invite occurred after Mr. T’s turn in Rocky III and in the middle of The A-Team‘s second season. One such ad shows Mr. T in a diner, telling the camera that thinking of little kids doing drugs “turns [his] stomach.]”

Mr. T added he didn’t do the campaign — a highlight of his career — for political reasons. “I am just a Christian Brother from the Hood trying to do some good! I will truly miss First Lady Nancy Reagan. I will Never Forget her,” he continued. “I will continue her work in trying to keep kids from the Dangers of Drugs. GOD Bless You First Lady.”

President Barack Obama and current First Lady Michelle Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Elizabeth Banks were among those who honored Reagan.