The chair in which Rowling wrote two 'Harry Potter' novels can be yours.

Historical artifacts are often a great conduit for magic, and one of the most magical antiques thinkable is now on sale. The chair in which J.K. Rowling wrote the first two Harry Potter novels is being auctioned off by Heritage Auctions. The chair is accompanied by the literary equivalent of a blue Twitter check mark: a letter from Rowling, headlined “by Owl Post” and addressed “dear new owner of my chair.” The letter describes that the chair was one of four Rowling was given in 1995; since it was the comfiest, she permanently set it up in front of her typewriter.

The chair has been modified since its inauspicious beginnings. Rowling hand-painted it herself. The back of the chair features the message, “You may not find me pretty ~ / but don’t judge / on what you see.” The apron is adorned with “I wrote Harry Potter while sitting in this chair,” with “Harry Potter” written directly across the front, accompanied by little lightning bolts. The top of the chair is signed “J.K. Rowling.”

Unfortunately for most dedicated Harry Potter fans, the chair appears even more expensive than a& Cursed Child ticket. Bids open March 18, with a starting bid of $45,000.