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Lupita Nyong’o is making her Broadway debut in the play Eclipsed, and before the curtain goes up Sunday on the show’s official opening night, the actress took to Twitter to thank fans for their support and share some behind-the-scenes details from the production.

Nyong’o posted photos of a handwritten note addressed to her Twitter follows, sharing facts about Eclipsed and the play’s setting in Liberia. (In addition to being an accomplished actress and Oscar winner, Nyong’o also has gorgeous handwriting.)

“I first played my character as an understudy in drama school!” Nyong’o wrote on Twitter. “I never went on, and I promised myself back then that I would play ‘The Girl’ some day, somehow, somewhere and it’s mindblowing to get to do it on Broadway.”

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Written by playwright (and Walking Dead actress) Danai Gurira, Eclipsed follows four captive women during the Liberian civil war. Liesl Tommy directs, and Nyong’o stars alongside Saycon Sengbloh, Pascale Armand, Akosua Busia, and Zainab Jah, making this the first Broadway show in history to have a female playwright, a female director, and an all-female cast. Nyong’o plays “The Girl,” the recently arrived wife of a rebel officer and a role she first tackled during Eclipsed’s 2015 run at The Public Theater.

“What I love about my work as an actor is that there’s always that moment of panic before you step into something,” Nyong’o told EW about Eclipsed in February. “Because you’re stepping into the unknown. So to have this opportunity and to do this with women I deeply respect has been invaluable. I feel full. Challenged. Oooh, do I feel challenged every day… But it’s a joyful toll. It’s wonderful.”

Eclipsed opens Sunday at the Golden Theatre. Read Nyong’o’s full note below.

Things to know before you see Eclipsed:

1. This is my Broadway debut! Such a thrill. I can’t believe it!

2. We are the first play on Broadway to be written, directed and performed by ALL WOMEN. Making history!

3. Liberia is a country on the West African coast that was founded by freed and free-born African-Americans, and was thus a colony of the United States!

4. The play takes place during the second Liberian Civil War when the Women’s Peace Movement helped bring an end to the war in 2003 through nonviolence movements, including a sex strike.

5. Leymah Gbowee, one of the founders of the initiative won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011!

6. I first played my character as an understudy in drama school! I never went on, and I promised myself back then that I would play “The Girl” some day, somehow, somewhere and it’s mindblowing to get to do it on Broadway.

7. The Liberian constitution and flag were modeled after the United States’. The flag contains one star. This is why Liberia is called Africa’s Lone Star state.

8. Liberia is Africa’s oldest republic. The capital city is Monrovia, named after American President James Monroe.

9. Being in the play is an emotionally intense experience for me, and it means a lot to me to see your bright faces afterwards at the stage door each night. Thank you!

10. Some of the countries represented in our cast and crew are: Kenya, Liberia, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Ghana, USA, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Philippines.

11. Before the curtain goes up, you can typically find me knitting backstage. It helps calm the nerves!

12. The play opens today, March 6th! AAAH!! Visit ECLIPSEDBROADWAY.COM to get tickets. See you there!