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Returning to Fox on Sunday night: The Last Man on Earth.

Returning to Earth on Sunday night: Mike Miller.

After floating aimlessly and listlessly in space for a couple of years, the astronaut brother of Phil Miller (played by Jason Sudeikis) will finally make an appearance on our planet, which saw a killer virus eliminate almost every person, save for a few, including Phil (Will Forte). Speaking of that survivor, Phil has been living in Malibu, where Other Phil (Boris Kodjoe) flatlined after a chef-performed appendectomy. What kinds of twists, turns, and punchlines await you in the spring premiere episode, the not-so-cheerily titled “Pitch Black”? EW turned to the show’s creator/executive producer and the man who has been known to frustratedly exlcaim “Farts!” onscreen, Mr. Will Forte. Here are his 10 enlightening hints about “Pitch Black” below.

1. “We tried to do something a little bit different for this episode. It’s weird because it’s nothing like the show that people have watched so far, but it’s very much the show at the same time.”

2. “It is by far the most cinematic of all episodes so far. We really went for it on this one.”

3. “We are not answering all of the questions that the last episode left viewers with. We’re taking our time in answering those questions.”

4. “Jacob Tremblay plays young Tandy, and I am still guilt-ridden for making him say the word ‘turd” so many times.”

5. “Sometimes survival involves combining two of the three Ironman triathon events.”

6. “You will learn a lot of deeply scientific facts about black holes.”

7. “For anyone who has wondered, ‘Where are all the bodies?’, this is the episode for you.

8. “You might see some Hazmat athletics.”

9. “Somehow, Phil lives. Actually, that’s not a huge spoiler since there are three characters named Phil — two humans and one worm.”

10. “The second half of this season really starts with a splash. Boom!“

The Last Man on Earth returns to Fox Sunday at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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