The 'Glee' alum could be the one to put Peter back behind bars
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Closing Arguments

As a huge fan of The Good Wife, Matthew Morrison had been waiting for his chance to get in on the legal action. And as the show heads toward the end of its final season, he’s not only getting his chance, but he could end up being the man to put Peter Florrick (back) behind bars.

In Sunday’s episode, Morrison will begin his recurring role as Connor Fox, an assitant U.S. attorney known for putting a number of Illinois governors behind bars. “I think he’s going to be viewed as, especially by the Good Wife fans, as the bad guy, but I don’t think he’s a bad guy at all,” Morrison tells EW. “I think he’s a tough guy. [He’s] very smart. He won’t take a bribe. He’s passionate about the law and I think we all know Peter Florrick has his hands in a lot of different cookie jars and I think he’s going to pick up on one of them and exploit it and in his perfect world, take him down.”

Whether he’ll be successful in destroying Peter is something even Morrison doesn’t know yet, but as far as Morrison’s concerned, Connor is “going after Peter Florrick for the right reasons.” But what does that mean for Alicia?

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“I think he respects her,” Morrison says of Connor’s relationship to Alicia. “I don’t think he has any ill will toward her at all, but I think she’s probably going to make things a little hard for him. He likes her at this point, but we’ll see what happens.”

Basing his character off of real-life attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, Morrison quickly felt comfortable in the courtroom setting thanks to its stage-like feel. “I like the grandness of being in a courtroom,” he says. “I feel a little in my element in the courtroom just because I’m comfortable on stage and it feels very presentational.”

And although you will see Connor outside the courtroom, his main goal is within those four walls. “He’s upholding the law and Peter Florrick has been a bad boy, so in his mind, he’s doing the right thing,” Morrison says, adding that he’d love for his Good Wife legacy to be taking down Peter. “I think orange looks good on Peter Florrick so I can’t wait to see him in it again,” he says with a laugh.

Catch Morrison as Connor Fox — or “Foxy Connor” as Julianna Margulies has taken to calling him — on The Good Wife Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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