Exclusive video: The President pays tribute to the Discovery series in its post-finale reunion special
Credit: Discovery Channel

Science. You tuned it out in school, but loved watching MythBusters to see it in its explosive, urban legend-eviscerating glory. But now the great experiments are drawing to a close, as MythBusters prepares to sign off the air after 248 episodes.

Discovery unleashes the final episode on Saturday at 8 p.m., but the show will not go gently into the night. The network promises that in the finale, “an RV gets blown to kingdom come, Buster goes supersonic, Adam takes the most wild ride imaginable and then it all boils down to a Cement Truck with 5000 pounds of ANFO.”

After the literal dust has setted, all five hosts from MythBusters‘ 14-year run — that would be Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara – will assemble for a reunion special that airs directly after the finale, at 9 p.m., and it includes a few tip-of-the-hats from famous fans. Like who, you ask?

How about Vince Gilligan, James Cameron, and Neil deGrasse Tyson? What’s that? You want the tributes to go all the way to the top? Okay, you’ll also hear from President Barack Obama. Our commander-in-chief has made his affection for the show known in the past by inviting the MythBusters hosts to the White House a few times and challenging them to re-test Archimides’ Solar Ray myth. But in the video above, see the President of the United States deliver his gratitude to Adam & Jamie & Co. for several things — including proof that our astronauts really did land on the moon — even though they never let him blow up anything.

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