Plus: Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, and Lamorne Morris weigh in on their romantic arcs
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[Warning: Spoilers from last week’s episode of New Girl below.]

Last week’s episode of New Girl ended with Nick (Jake Johnson) and temporary loftmate Reagan (played by guest star Megan Fox) admitting their feelings for each other and sealing it with a kiss. But what does that mean for Nick and Jess (Zooey Deschanel), since the pair used to date?

“The door is not totally shut,” creator and EP Liz Meriwether told EW on the blue carpet at New Girl’s 100th episode party in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

EP and writer Brett Baer echoed, “No, it’s never totally shut with those two, which is the fun of it. We’ve actually had a nice time trying to write away from that and let it be it’s own thing and let the pot simmer a little bit, but it’s exciting to think that we’ve got like an extra color in that box now, because bringing [Fox] in does create all sorts of new dynamics that we haven’t played at this point.”

Reagan was renting out Jess’ room while she was sequestered at jury duty, but Jess will be back for Tuesday’s episode, which is the show’s 100th.

“We were happy to have that perspective again [of a] character who is so positive and full of love and wants everyone to admit their feelings and say how they feel,” Meriwether said. “[She’s] actually the perfect person to walk into the mix of the Nick-Reagan relationship, because both of them are so closed off and sort of messes.”

Deschanel agrees, explaining that Jess really just wants to become close with the new loftee. “Jess wants to be best friends with Reagan because she actually wants to bond with her over their mutual affection for Nick,” she noted. So perhaps there’s no jealousy or other weirdness at first, but it would appear there’s the potential for that to change. “I think in terms of Nick and Jess, when you’re in love with your best friend, it kind of takes somebody else coming in to make you realize that,” Meriwether added. “I probably said too much.”

Did she now? Let the speculation begin…

As far as your other favorite couple, Schmidt and Cece will have their wedding this season. The impending nuptials have been a nice change for the actors behind the roles, Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone, after several seasons of playing an on-and-off-again couple.

“With these TV shows, no one ever knows how long you’re going to be on the air, and then all of the sudden you realize when a show works, like ours did so early on, that we might be on the air for quite a while, and sometimes because of that, or as a result of that, you then have to prolong forward progress of characters,” Greenfield said. “You can’t make things happen as quickly as you probably want them to. Then all of the sudden they’ll decide to make a bold move, so it’s nice to see Schmidt and Cece move forward and progressing in their life and getting married, which I think is natural.”

Simone adds, “For my friends who are in long-term relationships and are married, they have the funniest, weirdest stuff happen all the time, and I’m so grateful that after five seasons, we can show how weird and funny that world is. I think there’s often the misconception that if you get two characters together, it’s boring, but I feel like for Schmidt and Cece, it’s only made them weirder, and we can also focus on other stuff rather than will they or won’t they get together, so it’s been a relief to us as actors, too.”

Lastly, there’s Winston. He recently realized his feelings for his partner at work Aly (guest star Nasim Pedrad), only to find out that she has a boyfriend. Still, to this recapper, it feels like romance for the two of them isn’t out of the question. “Yeahhh, I don’t know,” actor Lamorne Morris said with a laugh, a clear attempt to play coy.

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