'Knock me down with a feather!'

The Wine Show

Call it the Great British Baking Show effect: a style of reality programming that allays any anxiety or anger, that promises nothing but downright delight in its casual whimsy, that offers the kind of anti-cutthroat, low-octane, stakes-could-not-be-lower non-drama drama that the world so desperately needs on its DVR.

This is The Wine Show, and all these assumptions of the new ITV series stem solely from the pleasant new trailer for Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode’s globe-traveling, wine-tasting program. The two actors ostensibly don’t know a thing about wine other than that they love it — which is perhaps the most universal emotion ever committed to exploring on television.

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It’s got all the promising ingredients: Dual Matthews of disarming charm, handsomeness, accent; gorgeous vistas of Revenant scope and Room intimacy; and a low-stakes commitment to two men sampling wine and saying things like, “Knock me down with a feather!”

The Wine Show premieres with 13 hour-long episodes on ITV this spring. We’re already shipping Goode and Moscato.

The Wine Show
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